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Collaborative Contracts

Visualise your service architecture and collaborate more effectively with other teams.


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Why Pact?

Pact is a consumer-driven contract testing framework.

Born out of a microservices boom, Pact was created to solve the problem of integration testing large, distributed systems.

What is the Pact Broker?

A key feature of contract testing is the creation of agreements - called pacts - describing the interactions that can take place between them.

The Pact Broker is the easiest way to collaborate and distribute these agreements (pacts) with your team.

Without a broker, you need to manage the contracts yourself including; API versioning, storage and sharing.

The Pact Broker is the recommended approach to sharing contracts, it allows you to:

  • Decouple your release cycles and move faster
  • Test development and production versions of dependencies (N+1)
  • Visualise system relationships and architectures
  • Save time and effort managing your own broker
  • Generate up-to-date API documentation


RESTful API for publishing and retrieving pacts

Embedded HAL browser for navigating the API

Autogenerated documentation for each pact

Dynamically generated network diagrams

Pact tagging for matrix (N+1) testing

Webhooks to trigger a provider build when a consumer publishes a change to a pact

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